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Andrea Taylor

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Andrea grew up squatting in various cities across Virginia, spending her time singin' and jammin' to the Dave Matthews Band and Disney classics in the back seat. Her mother knew then and there that she would push her to take singing lessons at 8 years old (after buying earplugs). 

Now as a sort-of-grown-up, Andrea is a pending graduate at the Boston Conservatory holding a BFA in Musical Theatre with an emphasis in songwriting. At BoCo, Andrea found her love for animation and voice-over work and put the time towards writing, recording, and editing 3 demo reels using her at home recording equipment and DAW experience. She discovered her authentic voice in songwriting and found a way to share her story and feelings with others. She also took part in many musicals and plays and loved getting to work on new works and pieces bringing awareness to mental health and the importance of female writers in the industry.

When she's not on the clock, you'll find her still jammin' to an eclectic array of different music, watching Steven Universe, and doodling on anything to keep the 8-year-old in the backseat happy.




Dogfight (2017)
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Late (2019)
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Dahmer (2019)
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